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Please complete the ballot below for Chamber Business Impact Awards reflective of organizations contributions in 2020. You are allowed one vote per email per day.
  • This award showcases a company that demonstrates a consistent commitment to community involvement and philanthropy as a part of their core business values.
  • This award showcases a company whose customer service ability has transcended to the masses. Their reputation for excellent customer focus has been experienced and publicized by many. This positive focus has resulted in an increase of client satisfaction, client retention and referrals.
  • This award recognizes a Chamber Partner who has made a distinct impact in the business community within their first 12-18 months of partnering with the Chamber. They have demonstrated a capacity for creativity and innovation and experienced growth. This company has demonstrated and embraced true Chamber spirit and an overall contribution to the community.
  • This company is recognized for integrating excellence and commitment to quality as a core value and point of reference into their business structure. The award recognizes participation in community and Chamber-driven initiatives, a proven track record, growth and sustainability and a commitment to quality.
  • This award recognizes a mid-size business which has maintained stability over its business life for the operations and successes. They made outstanding contributions during the past year to employees and the community. This Chamber partner has an excellent reputation and has been a strong advocate to the community and the Chamber and is recognized for integrating excellence and commitment to quality into their business structure.
  • This award honors an organization that has made a significant impact on our area and within the Chamber through leadership, marketing & strategic alliances and contributions. They are consistently improving our area and quality of life.
  • This organization has made an economic impact to Rockwall County by demonstrating the ability to bring in outside visitors to our community. This business is a leader in reputation, marketing and service. This Partner is committed to promoting Rockwall and it’s surrounding areas as a true destination and consistently brings our unique hometown feel to their patrons.
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